Professional instruction

Trent Wright
CPGA of Canada
Executive Professional Broadmoor Public Golf Course
780-467-7373 ext. 3

“With 25 years of teaching experience at four different golf course in Alberta, I have taught a wide variety of students and golf camps. My approach is to not over teach, but help students achieve their goals through a fun, comfortable environment that puts students at ease. I compare the golf swing to learning to play the piano… it’s all about muscle memory and training our bodies and muscles to repeat the desired result. I will give you the fundamentals in an easy to earn way with the focus being on the proper set up. If you start with sound fundamentals (grip, aim, stance and posture), it makes swinging the golf club easy.

I enjoy teaching people of all ages and abilities, and I especially enjoy teaching new golfers. I believe that anyone regardless of athletic ability or age can learn to play and enjoy the amazing game we call golf.”

- Trent Wright 25 year member of the Professional Golfers Association

Corey Strong
CPGA of Canada
Head Golf Professional Broadmoor Public Golf Course
780-467-7373 ext. 2

Doug Rowswell
CPGA Teaching Professional
780-996-7116 (cell)
780-433-5076 (fax)

Born Elliot Lake, Ontario
CPGA Class “A” Member
Professional since 1989
Extensive career in golf instruction for over 25 years.

Teaching philosophy
To create an atmosphere that supports progress through hard work. Golf is a motor skill which involves visualization, feel and understanding that can only be learned and not taught. Understanding the source of the power and simplifying the movement brings the basics together.